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Sharif Governance

“Punjab speed” attributed to Mian Shahbaz Sharif’s style and speed of work in his recent Chinese visit is not something new. We are all aware that he is the person who can fly over from one place to another as soon as a news break and sometimes his “Notice” may issue even faster than his own speed. “Mua-ttal kr do” to everyone is the stone always in his hand to throw at any face he couldn’t find around during his “surprise” visitor the face fail to bring satisfaction to Shahbaz on service delivery. Shahbaz is the legend to take notice for any gang rape, brutal murder, cutting away body parts by powerful, throwing dogs on poor, visiting sasta bazars, reaching out to flood victims, and so on. There is no doubt that his style is appreciated by “victim of the day” on the same day but does it leave any lasting effect? Shall every victim wait for the “Messiah” in the form of Shahbaz sharif or the intuitions and departments under Shahbaz shall exercise their due responsibility? How much Shahbaz has done to bring such institutions and departments to accountability for their negligence again and again?

Just 2 days ago (July/Aug 2016) Mian Shahbaz sharif was very disappointed with the level of facilities in Lahore General Hospital nearly at a 10-minute drive from his house. Can you recall who the Health minister in Punjab is? Since 2008 PMLN is in the Govt. and after 8 years of governance here Mian Shahbaz sharif is still disappointed. Is it 1st time he visited the General Hospital and disappointed? NO –It’s NOT, he has visited a number of times before and did the same trick what he did this time – MUA-TTAL.

Thanks to Bilal Numan (@bilalnuman) on twitter who collected visits of Mian Shahbaz sharif to this facility and put them in order to show how many time Shahbaz sharif has visited this facility. Not a single time he learned a lesson to re-structure his governance of health institutions but always remain limited to a particular health facility and relied on the surprise visit and Notices. Probably he thinks everything is fine in the governance system but the people other than him are just incompetent?

The Nation reported on 31st March 2010 about the surprise visit of Shahbaz sharif (YES – 6 years and 4 months ago) to LGH and suspended Medical Superintend Dr. Iqbal Kazmi and ordered Secretary Health Fawad Hassan Fawad to improve health facility within 24 hours. During the same visit, he also sought a report to establish a new neuro hospital as he realised that a large number of patients need a new facility. I am not sure of that realization was buried with same “Speed” as he realized its need. Another visit of Shahbaz is reported in September 2011 where the MS was lucky enough to be warned only but not suspended. Shahbaz sharif has visited the same facility on a number of occasions and accordingly secretary health has been paying surprise visits to this facility.

In November 2014 Secretary Health suspended MS and other 4 Drs for negligence in their duty. In February 2016, secretary health has also paid a surprise visit to this facility and showed his satisfaction.

Muattali or problems in Administration of hospitals are not limited to Lahore Only. Coming down to Aziz Bhatti Shaeed Hospital, Gujrat you can witness an interesting play of MS-around-chair since 2014. Dr. Tahir Naveed was suspended in July 2014 then in July 2015 another MS Dr. Mian Wajid was suspended. After this suspension Dr. Tahir Abbas was given additional charge of MS and a  new MS Dr Shabbir Hussain was bothered to appoint only for three months and Dr Tahir Abbas again given the additional charge. Then came in Dr Sherl Ali Khan for a period of 8 motnhs and taken over by Dr. Shahid Maroof. Aziz Bhatti Shahee Hospital, Gujrat  had 7 MS during a period of 32 months.  (Updated on 27-3-2017)

Even after all such dramatic entries of surprise visits and suspensions by Chief Minister, Health secretary for over 6 years, if there is no significant improvement in service delivery then its certainly a time where Govt. shall think of something different than just surprise visits. This one hospital which frequently witnessed the surprise visits of the high ups and yet even after 8 years of governance it still disappointed the Chief Minister. Imagine all those health facilities in other districts where they couldn’t get surprise visits, what will be service delivery status there? Shall every facility wait for a surprise visit? Or Govt. shall think some tool other than “SHARIF GOVERNANCE”?