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Academic Diversity in Punjab-Pakistan

For quite some time I have been wondering if we are offering adequate opportunities for our new generations to prepare for work and have a diversity in their learning to be employable in changing working environment. Although many take the rise of Computers as a threat to the employment, however, I have a different position. I am of the opinion that the rise of computers will redistribute the job opportunities across the industry. It will transfer jobs from one phase or sector to another. Instead of resisting the technology we should be more adaptable to the changing industrial environment and cultures. Same is the case for climate change. While controlling the damage we cause to the climate, we need to focus on the adaptability of the changing climate.  To enable our generations for any quick adaptability, we certainly need greater diversity in our learning at school & university level.

While I intend to discuss the university level changes introduced by HEC in its Vision 2025 at some other time, today I would like to take you through what are we offering at the School level for Secondary School Certificate (SSC – Grade 9th & 10th).  Punjab Boards Committee of Chairmen in 2012 revised the Scheme of Studies for the Secondary School Certificate. The scheme in force since session 20012-14. As per the scheme, there are four groups for the Secondary School Certificate  as below:

  1. Secondary School Certificate – Science Group
  2. Secondary School Certificate – Humanities Group
  3. Secondary School Certificate – Dars-e-Nizami Group
  4. Secondary School Certificate –  Deaf & Dumb Group

Following subjects are allocated/approved for these groups.

SSC, Punjab, Education, Yasir Cheema

SSC -Subject allocation for Science and Humanities Group

SSC- Subject allocation for Dars-E-Nizami and Deaf & Dumb Group

Yasir Cheema, Education, Scheme of Studies, Pakistan

SSC – Elective subjects options for Humanities and Deaf & Dumb Group


Elective subjects available to Humanities Group seems a good spread of knowledge area. The problem is that these subjects are not much in acceptance. Most schools offer only very limited of these subjects, and that’s mainly because subject teachers are not available. Apparently, subjects seem fit to contemporary needs but lack of understanding the students’ potential and career-oriented progress are also other factors that these subjects are not much favourite. To understand the popularity of these subjects, I analysed subjectwise result of BISE Gujranwala for the year 2017. As English is a subject common in all groups, so I took the number of students appeared in English paper as the total number of students appeared int he exam. On this basis, here is the % of every elective subject from where you can understand how much diversity we have at this level and indeed we have lesser at the higher level.

Yasir Cheema

More than 60% of our Secondary school’s students are concentrated in Science group. This probably shows how much diversity we have at our school level. Do you think they are really here because they have the potential to be here or its something else?

You think on this and I will update this blog post to include 2nd part of my work on this matter.

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Yasir Cheema

Yasir Cheema is a Civil Engineer by training and currently working as Resident Engineer for Surbana Jurong Pte. Ltd. in Singapore. He writes at this portal about Governance, Public policy, Institutional development, Construction practices, and procedures.

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