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PTI 100 Days Agenda – Tracking

Image Credits: @pid_gov

100 Days Agenda – Speech & Document

This presentation is in two distinct categories: 

1- Actionable of the Agenda Vs Progress made on those

2- Day-to-day progress overall.

I have prepared the actionable for each theme. Steps taken for all themes will be updated accordingly on Day 50 of the Govt. Whereas, day-to-day progress will be updated as and when there is any progress relating to agenda items.

Click below on each theme to download the actions taken for each

Theme 1. Transform Governance @ 100 Days

Theme 2. Strengthen the Federation @ 100 Days

Theme 3. Revitalize Economic Growth @ 100 Days

Theme 4. Uplift Agriculture and Conserve Water @ 100 Days

Theme 5. Revolutionize Social Services @ 100 Days and Theme 6. Ensure Pakistan’s National Security @ 100 Days


Day 51-100: The progress is captured in above PDF files.

Day 50: 6-10-2018

Prime Minister in Quetta

Day 49: 5-10-2018

Prime Minister chaired another meeting of the Task Force on Housing. Policy likely to be announced on 10th October (54th Day of Govt). 

Special Assistant to PM on Accountability briefed media about Assets Recovery Unit. 10 thousand properties in Dubai & London. Owners of 300 properties served notices. 895 other people identified. 

Prime Minister directed for a Paperless office culture. 

Day 48: 4-10-2018

8th Cabinet meeting on Day 48. 

  1. Cabinet approved in principle to sign MOU with Suadi Arabia (PSO-Saudi Aramco) to establish an Oil refinery in Gwadar. 
  2. Cabinet, today, approved the removal of the following:
    • President/CEO NBP
    • President/CEO FWBL
    • President/CEO ZTBL
    • President/CEO SME Bank
    • Two Deputy Governor SBP
    • Three Membersr of Competition Commission of Pakistan. Total 9 High profile removals.
  3. Cabinet approved to establish a Centre of Excellence /University in the PM House. 
  4.  2467 properties of federal, Punjab & KP Govts identified. A Taskforce under Pervaiz Khattak to set out guidelines/plans for the utility of these properties. 



Mr Haroon Sharif appointed as Chairman, Board of Investment, Pakistan.

Council of Business Advisors notified.

Day 47: 3-10-2018

Govt Launch the website to update public on 100 Days agenda Targets.

KP cabinet meets to discuss 100 Days agenda targets under the Provincial Govt domain.

On reforming Criminal Justice System, The Law Minister assured the Prime Minister that a comprehensive reform package carrying the future Plan of Action with delineated timelines would be finalized within the first 100 days.

Day 46: 2-10-2018

Finance Minister chaired a meeting to strengthen the existing laws to effectively control the capital flight and money LaMoneying.

FBR goes after 169 wealthy non-filers; many more set to face ‘hot pursuit’

Massive anti-encroachment drive in 6 big cities of the Punjab underway.

Day 45: 1-10-2018

Day 44: 30-9-2018

Day 43: 29-9-2018

Prime Minister chaired a meeting of Task Force on FATA merger.

Prime Minister constituted a Task Force on Tourism.

Day 42: 28-9-2018

Prime Minister Imran Khan will formally launch ’05 million Housing Project’ during the first half of the October 2018.

In connection of the Prime Minister’s directives for a National Cleanliness  Campaign, Ministry of Climate Change is devising a comprehensive National Sanitation Policy.

Day 41: 27-9-2018

7th cabinet Meeting with important Agenda items. 

  • Permanent solutions & comprehensive policy for Afghan Refugees befoJuneune 2019
  • Mansoor Hussain Siddiqui appointed as DG Financial Monitoring Unit of SBP appointed
  • Justice (r) Abdur Rauf appointed as Chairmen Wages Board.
  • A big operation against 100 Tax defaulters/evaders of FBR
  • An operation against Encroachments in Karachi after a recent completion in Islamabad. 
  • Infrastructure Development Authority, Karachi to be revived and strengthened. 
  • Federal Right to Information Act to be strengthened. 
  • FATA/PATA given another 5 years of exemption from Tax Laws. 
  • Minister IT & Minister reforms tasked to implement Technology across the Govt to achieve a paperless Govt/e-Govt. Presentation to be submitted in 2 weeks.
  • A task force on Tourism with Prime Minister as its Chairman. 


Day 40: 26-9-2018

Day 37: 23-9-2018

SACM on IT & Finance Minister meet up for the 100 Days agenda on with respect to KP Science & Technology.

Day 36: 22-9-2018

KP Education & Finance Minister attend a meeting wrt to 5-year education sector Plan.



Day 34: 20-9-2018

In continuation of the decision taken in the 3rd cabinet meeting, two committees constituted for reforms in the Health Sector.

Media briefing on the Prime Minister’s visit to Saudi Arabia & UAE.

Day 33: 19-9-2018

The Apex Committee discussed the Merger of FATA

KP Govt met to review the LG Bill

A committee met to discuss the reforms in the Criminal Justice System.

Day 32: 18-9-2018

6th Cabinet meeting to approve The Finance Supplementary (Amendment) Bill 2018.

The Finance Supplementary (Amendment) Bill 2018 introduced in the National Assembly.

The committee constituted on Day 27, met today and to prepare a draft bill for the Legal Aid.

Day 31: 17-9-2018

Senior Minister Punjab Govt Chaired a meeting relating to 100 Days agenda of the PTI Govt.

Pakistan & UK announced a new Justice and Accountability Partnership to crack down on the ill-gotten money and other related areas.

Day 30: 16-9-2018

Prime Minister on his 1st visit to Karachi. PM chaired meetings on Development projects in Karachi Funded by Federal Govt and Meeting on the Security Situation in Karachi.


Day 29: 15-9-2018

Prime Minister chaired a meeting on LG Act and told the participants, as narrated by Taimoor Khan Jhagra, that “We are not here to design a local government system that favours PTI. We have to design a model that favours the people of each province, regardless of what that means for PTI”

A meeting chaired by Minister for National Health Services, Aamir Mehmood Kiani in Islamabad today decided to constitute an emergency nutrition task force with the aim to eliminate child malnutrition.

Day 28: 14-9-2018

Prime Minister addressed the Civil Servants to assure them his full support. Encouraged them to take bold decisions and risk and not to be afraid of mistakes at the same time to differentiate between a theft & an honest mistake. He assured them of due process and respect even in case of any investigation proceedings. Also acknowledged problems in their salary structure.

Prime Minister Imran Khan addressed civil servants in Islamabad and stressed the need for change of mindset

Prime Minister Imran Khan addressed civil servants in Islamabad and stressed the need for change of mindset that has been holding the country back and assured them that the government would support them against all kind of pressures.#PMIK

Posted by Imran Khan (official) on Friday, September 14, 2018

In continuation of the cabinet decision taken in the 3rd cabinet meeting, Minister of Law after a meeting of the committee on reforms in Civil Cases gave a media briefing. The Minister highlighted that with a new proposal of amendment, a civil case will be decided within 12 to 13 months including the two appeals in superior courts.

M/o Human Rights has started an awareness campaign on women’s rights in inheritance through the Council of Islamic Ideology as was decided on Day 11 in 3rd Cabinet meeting.

Day 27: 13-9-2018

The 5th Cabinet meeting in 1st thirty days. Important points discussed/decided by the cabinet:

  1. To provide a supply of gas to the fertiliser industry in order to maximise their production capacity and to reduce the import requirement of fertilizer.
  2. Subsidies and cost of various metro projects under discussion. Audit to be carried out for all.
  3. Capital Administration & Development Division Ministry to be abolished and administration of the CDA to park under Interior Ministry.
  4. 34 thousands of State Land to be commercialised.
  5. Expenses incurred by PM office & CM office in the past 5 years were under discussion also.
  6. No change in the Electricity & Gas prices.
  7. Amendments to the Finance Act 2018 to be placed before the National Assembly.
  8. Four helicopters in PM house likely to be given to NDMA to serve as an air ambulance.
  9. Cabinet approved the appointment of BoD for the PTV
  10. Cabinet approved the appointment of Mr Haroon Sharif as Chairman of the Pakistan Board of the Investment.

Prime Minister chaired a meeting of the Railway division and directed to submit a full plan of recovery of Railway Lands and Plans to increase the revenue.

Prime Minister chaired a meeting of the Taskforce constituted to determine the utility of the important state buildings. Committee chair briefs the media about the various decision taken. Buildings to be converted into hotels and museums. PM house to have additional blocks and to be used as an academic facility.

Federal Minister for Law and Justice, Dr. Muhammad Farogh Naseem, chaired a meeting of Taskforce on NAB Reforms. The meeting was held to develop a detailed plan for bringing reforms in the NAB Law in terms of making it more focused and effective.

Federal Govt has constituted a committee to formalise recommendations for setting up for poor and vulnerable.


Day 26: 12-9-2018

Day 25: 11-9-2018

Prime Minister chaired another meeting on Local Govt System. The deliberations are almost completed and the PM directed to convert it in the final bill within 48 hours. 

Prime Minister orders constitution of a Task Force on Sports to review the performance of Sports organizations and make recommendations for administrative reforms in Sports. Task Force on Sports, under Mr Ehsan Mani, to review the performance of all sports bodies, analyze the efficacy and utilization of various funds received from various sources and suggest administrative reforms for promoting sports at national as well as regional level. 

A high-level meeting presided over by the Prime Minister regarding the merger of FATA with KP.

After the appointment of IG Punjab Police on Day 21, CM chaired a meeting on Police Reforms Commission. Nasri Durrani will be heading the Commission. 

Day 24: 10-9-2018

Prime Minister chaired the 2nd meeting on Housing plan to review the progress made so far. Prime minister said that 05 million housing, equipped all basic facilities, and regularization of katchi abadis/slums is a foremost priority of the Government.

Member of the Committee, Engr Najeeb Haroon Shared his recommendations

Information minister briefed the decisions of  ECC.

  1. No new burden for the Farmers.
  2. Advise to Provinces for crackdowns against sellers overcharging for gas cylinders.
  3. Subsidy system to be re-designed in a way to support more the lowest segment of society and lesser to the upper class.
  4. Increase in gas prices rejected.


Federal Education Minister Chaired a meeting of National Taskforce on Education.

Day 23: 9-9-2018

Prime Minister briefed in Bani Gala on the progress made so far about LG system. PTI plans two-tier LG system sans tehsil councils in Punjab

Chief Minister Punjab updated on his efforts to implement 100 Days agenda.


Day 22: 8-9-2018

Day 21: 7-9-2018

New IGs appointed for Punjab, KP & Sindh.

Day 20: 6-9-2018

  1. In continuation of the decision taken on Day 11 by the cabinet, Prime Minister notified the TORs and members of the task force on Civil Service Reforms
  2. In continuation of the decision taken on Day 3 by the cabinet, Prime Minister notifies TORs and the members of the task force on Austerity & Restructuring of the Government.
  3. In continuation of the decision taken on Day 11 by the cabinet, Prime minister notified the members of the task force to expedite the FATA/PATA merger.
  4. Prime Minister chaired a meeting on CPEC and was briefed about various nature of Projects under CPEC umbrella.
  5. Prime Minister chaired the 1st meeting of the Economic Advisory Council. PM told the participant that Govt aims for Policies focused on the uplifting of the lowest segment of the community.

Day 19: 5-9-2018

Its 4th Cabinet meeting in 19 Days. Important decisions of the 4th cabinet meetings are:

  1. A multi-agency Assets Recovery Unit established in PM office for the recovery of stolen wealth. The unit will report fortnight to the Prime Minister and the Supreme Court on the Progress.
  2. Discretionary funds & schemes thereof under various head are discontinued and referred for parliamentary approval. This amounts to some Rs. 80 Billion
  3. Prime Minister directed an Inspection team to look into the matter of early inauguration of the Tarbela-IV powerhouse and resulting loss of estimated Rs. 25 Billion.
  4. Although Education, Health, Water & Cleanliness are provincial matters, bearing that in mind & their importance, the Federal Cabinet decided to be a deriving force in the improvement of these sectors.
  5. A task force constituted under Federal Education Minister, Shafqat Mahmood, to work on moving  25 million out of school children to the schools.
  6. The basic content of syllabus/Curriculum for all schools (Madaras, Govt School & Private Schools) to be the same.
  7.  A common “School Leaving Certificate” to be introduced contrary to O/A Levels, Matric/FSc & Madaras.  (In Singapore they have “PSLE -Primary School Leaving Exam”)
  8.  Provinces to be approached in order to streamline the Fee Structures in Private schools within the respective jurisdiction. (Punjab, KP, Balochistan & Islamabad all will follow the PTI’s party position)
  9. On the report of Ministry of Human Rights, the cabinet decided to have an Orphanage in the Islamabad and also in provinces where PTI is in Govt, Orphanage centres will be established.
  10. To protect children against abuse, trafficking and corporal punishment, the Ministry of Human Rights directed to take all necessary steps.
  11. Ministry of Human Rights also directed to look into and recommend how to regulate the employment of Domestic Helpers.
  12. All public buildings to directed to provide Access to buildings for Wheelchair users (The Accessibility Code of Pakistan 2006 is an active regulation, however, no compliance).
  13. Foreign Office directed to improve its service delivery and coordination with Overseas Pakistanis.
  14. Ten thousand Pakistanis in prisons overseas. Foreign office directed to collect data and determine the nature of their imprisonments and to immediately extend full assistance.
  15. Three thousand Pakistanis in Iran sentenced to death. Govt will take up the matter with Iranian authorities to seek some relief for them.
  16. KP Cabinet had its 1st meeting and reviewed the 100 Days agenda and how it can work on the items under its domain. A review after every 10 days was decided.

The Finance Minister has written a letter to the Provincial Govts initiating the process for the 9th NFC award.


Day 18: 4-9-2018

  1. Nominee of the Prime Minister, Dr Arif Alvi elected as the President of Pakistan
  2. Nominee of the Prime Minister, Mr Ehsan Mani elected as the Chairman of Pakistan Cricket Board.
  3. Prime Minister chaired a meeting of the Petroleum Division and directed to chalk out a plan to identify and stop the theft of Gas amounting to 50 billion per anum.
  4. Prime Minister constituted three Cabinet Committees on CPEC, Energy & Privatization.
  5. With ongoing uproar about the selection of an accomplished Economist Mr Atif Mian, Federal Govt responded vocally and strongly and assured to protect the life and rights of its all citizens across the line of Religion.
  6. Federal Minister Baber Awan tendered his resignation upon filing a Reference by NAB in an accountability court.

Day 17: 3-9-2018

  1. Prime Minister chaired a meeting at PM House. After a detailed discussion on various international models and road-map for addressing the issue of housing, a committee was constituted by the Prime Minister under Secretary Housing & Works to devise a comprehensive and coherent plan of action in a Week.
  2. Prime Minister chaired a meeting on the matter of cash transfer through Hawal/Hundi. A committee formed under Attorney General to Review the related existing Laws and propose the amendments in a week. 
  3. ECC met for the 2nd time today and decided to disconnect the meters of the subscribers who fail to pay the bills for three months and give them prepaid meters after they clear all outstanding dues. 
  4. ECC decided to bring up the matter of Circular debt to the cabinet and also to have an audit for the Circular debt cleared by the PMLN Govt in 2013.
  5. ECC further directed the Ministry of Industries & Production to look into various scenarios of Gas supply, Subsidy & urea production before deciding the import Quantity. 
  6. For the Development of Balochistan, an MOU signed with BNP Mengal spanning various sectors of Social Development.


Day 16: 2-9-2018

  1. Prime Minister inaugurated the 10 Billion tree tsunami campaign “Plant for Pakistan” and said Govt will include the Plantation & Cleanliness in the School Curriculum. He said it’s our aim to make a Green-Pakistan.
  2. Prime Minister chaired a meeting attended by 3 Chief Ministers (Punjab, KP & Balochistan), Secretaries of the Local Govt Departments, and Other ministers. The meeting was to discuss and develop a  Powerful Local Govt system with Financial & Administrative Powers devolved to the LGs. 
  3. Health Minister Punjab, Dr Yasmin Rashid, chaired a meeting to provide Sehat Insaf card (Health Insurance) on the pattern of KP Govt in Punjab. The Department approved to extend the existing Health insurance to remaining 19 Districts. (at this stage not clear how different it will be from Sehat insaf Card). 

Day 15: 1-9-2018

Prime Minister had meetings with the Punjab Cabinet members and with the secretaries of the Punjab Govt. 

Directives for the Punjab Govt: 

  • Revamp the existing Local Govt system (to directly elect the Nazim and to devolve the Financial & Administrative authority).
  • Identify corrupt practices and take actions against them.
  • To bring new police order to ensure a depoliticized police force. 
  • An audit for the Orange Line Train Project.
  • Strict actions against Encroachments & Land grabbings.
  • We must invest in human development while rationalising our expenditures simultaneously with austerity and simplicity because Pakistan has the lowest Human Development Index in the region.
  • Our reform agenda need a wholehearted commitment from you (bureaucracy) coupled with performance to translate the vision into reality.
  • Your performance(bureaucracy) will be the only consideration for the present government. We will provide you with opportunity and will not interfere in the functional domain as demonstrated in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa that produced unprecedented outcomes.


Day 14: 31-8-2018

Punjab Govt has its 1st cabinet meeting on Day 14 of the Federal Govt.

Steps taken on items directly related to the 100 Days Agenda are as below: 

1- Cabinet approved to revisit & reform the LG Act to Directly Elect the Nazim and devolve the financial & administrative powers to LGs.

2- In 1st cabinet meeting of the Punjab Govt, Cabinet Established a working group to work out modalities for establishing South Punjab Province.

3- In 1st cabinet meeting of the Punjab Govt, Cabinet approved to ensure implement three points in the 1st phase. One of the three steps to be implemented is Sehat Insaf card.

4- In 1st cabinet meeting of the Punjab Govt, Cabinet decided to unveil a comprehensive roadmap with concrete planning in next 100 days.

Day 13: 30-8-2018

Prime Minister Imran Khan along with federal ministers of defence, foreign affairs, finance, information, state minister of Interior and Secretary Defence visited GHQ.

Prime Minister’s message to Nation on the matter of Blasphemous Carton Competition onNetherlandss.

Minister for Local Government  & Community Development chaired the 1st meeting for the new Local Govt System in Punjab.

Advisor to Prime Minister on Climate Change Briefed about 10 Billion Tree Tsunami – Plant-for-Pakistan.

Day 12: 29-8-2018

  1. Prime Minister Imran Khan today chaired a briefing at the Prime Minister’s Office on issues relating to the power sector.
  2. Prime Minister Imran Khan today chaired a briefing about functions of Ministry of Commerce at Prime Minister’s Office.
  3. Chairman NAB called on Prime Minister. PM assured full support of the Govt to NAB for carrying out its job.
  4. Changes in the Bureaucracy.

  5. 1st meeting of the Cabinet’s Committee, Economic Coordination Committee. Two main issues got the attention
    1. Circular Debt of the power sector now stands at Rs. 1.18 trillion
    2. Fertiliser Export and Price is not in favour of Farmers.

Day 11: 28-8-2018

Federal Cabinet held its 3rd meeting on the 11th day of its tenure.

Decisions taken in the 3rd cabinet meeting:

  1. Cabinet approved to remove President & CEO of the NBP and approved the appointment of new bosses for NACTA, FBR and IB.
  2. Cabinet approved to amend the NAB law, Civil & Criminal Procedure Code, Anti-terrorism act to improve the legal system of the country.
  3. Cabinet approved to take steps in order to ensure that women get the due share in their inheritance and also to initiate a social campaign to the effect.
  4. Minister for P&D to brief the Prime Minister on all ongoing and upcoming projects under CPEC.
  5. Cabinet constituted a committee (Governor KP, Chief Minister KP,  Defence Minister & Advisor to PM on Establishment) to expedite the FATA merger.
  6.  A committee of Shah Mahmood Qureshi & Khusroo Bakhtiyar to meet other political parties to reach out a consensus to secure 2/3 voting as required to for the creation of  South Punjab Province. Committee also to provide actionable steps for the creation of the South province.
  7. Advisor to PM on Governance Reforms to provide a reform package for the Federal Govt.
  8. Federal Govt to start the project for 10 billion trees from 2nd September, Plant-for-Pakistan Day.
  9. Two committees to work on the massive housing and 10 million job creation. Committees assigned to produce a workable plan to kick-start the initiatives.
  10. Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP) takes the massive annual development budget, Advisor to PM on Governance Reforms to recommend steps for the PSDP.
  11. Prime Minister to review the progress of all task forces every 15 days.

Day 10: 27-8-2018

A meeting in continuation of item recorded at Sr No 4 of the 1st cabinet meeting on the 1st day of Federal Govt.

A letter issued from PM Office asking details of all kind of accommodation from all Departments including from Punjab & KP Govts.


Day 7: 24-8-2018:

Decisions of the 2nd cabinet Meeting.

  1. Cabinet decided to form a Task force to study the Katchi Abadis across the country and to chalk out a plan to provide them basic civic facilities.
  2. In order to stop misuse of the public money, Cabinet approved to withdraw any powers with Prime Minister, President, Ministers and others over the use of Discretionary Funds. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif spent over 50 Billion in his discretion.
  3. Prime Minister desired to abolish the discretionary funds and to seek approval of the Parliament for various expenses as per his vision to protect the public money and empower the institution of Public trust, the Parliament.
  4. Prime Minister also decided that he will not travel in 1st class and the same provision to other dignitaries will be withdrawn.
  5. Cabinet approved an audit for all the metro bus projects including of Peshawar BRT to put before the public extent of public monies being used for such projects.
  6. The cabinet approved the Plan for massive plantation starting from the Provincial Capitals. Federal Minister for Climate change to share the working details of the Project.
  7. Cabinet deliberated the proposal for a shift to 6 working days of a week, however, the proposal rejected and the working hours changed from 8 am to 4 pm a day to 9 am to 5 pm.
  8. Cabinated tasked the Minister for interprovincial coordination to work out a plan for the large-scale cleanliness campaign through the country.

Minister for the Information Division said he will be nominating spokesperson of the opposition parties (PMLN & PPP) for the Editorial Board of PTV to assure that State-run TV adequately provides coverage to the opposition.

Day 5: 22-8-2018: Eid Day

Day 4: 21-8-2018:

  1. Information Minister announced lifting political censorship completely from State-run media outlets (PTV, Pakistan Radio, APP).

Day 3: 20-8-2018: The 1st cabinet is in.

Decisions of  1st Cabinet Meeting:

  1. Assets of the Cabinet members to Made public
  2. Overseas health services for the Ministers on govt expenses revoked. No minister to be paid for availing health service overseas.
  3. Vehicles of the Prime Minister office (88 Nos) approved for public auction.
  4. Two committees constituted to look into the Govt Estate Properties
    • Heritage committee: Under Heritage Minister Shafqat Mahmood to look into and recommend the use of important buildings likes of Governor Houses etc

    • Non-Heritage Buildings committee: Under Finance Minister Asad Umar to look into and recommend the use of important buildings likes of Commissioner Houses. Police IG houses etc et
  5. Limitations placed on the foreign trips of Ministers & other Officers except in case of high importance.
  6. Ministry of water directed to submit the report on water reserves and Dams.
  7. Cabinet approved NAB’s plea to place Mian Nawaz Sharif & Maryam Nawaz on ECL.
  8. Ministry of interior Directed to follow-up with red warrants issued for Ishaq Dar, Hassan & Hussain Nawaz
  9. Cabinet Directed Ministry of Law to follow-up with British authorities to take control of Avenfied properties.
  10. Austerity Task Force under Dr Ishrat Hussain
  11. Resorts Committee
  12. A task force established under Special Assistant to PM on Accountability to initiate efforts to bring back the illegal-properties established overseas. Task force to include members from FIA, NAB, SBP, SECP, FBR, Law & Foreign Ministry or any other individual as needed.

Statutory Appointments:

Prime minister, as per PCB Constitution, appointed his nominee for the Board of Governor. Hoping that his nominee will be elected as Chairman PCB and will implement his agenda for reforming the Cricket.

Day 1: 19-8-2018: Prime Minister’s Maiden address to the Nation

For Text: Click Here 

18-8-2018: The Day of Commitment – Oath Day

Mr Prime Minister.

PM imran Khan

17-8-2018: Election of the Prime Minister

PM Imran Khan

27-7-2018: Initiated this blog post to track commitments of PTI made in 100 Days Agenda.

25-7-2018: The Big Day – General Elections 2018

The Avenfield Verdict

These are the thoughts of Ahmer Bhai on Twitter and I just compiled these here as I almost agree to all of the points made there. You may follow his profile here.

I have no doubt that the Sharifs accumulated wealth through . I have no doubt they laundered it through businesses & properties via a web of companies in offshore tax havens. I have no doubt they have lied on TV, in parliament, and in Court. I have no doubt that they have contributed to Pakistan’s economic and social woes. That they have deliberately and systematically weakened regulators & state institutions to concentrate power in individual hands.

I have no doubt that they have undermined democracy and the rule of law. So it gives me satisfaction to see them convicted in Court. I understand this isn’t the end and there are appeals and deals still to go. I know they aren’t the only ones guilty of all this, and more. I am aware of the possibility, given our history and theirs, of manipulation and engineering. Yet, I’m happier today since I see this as progress. A step forward. With a journey ahead, no doubt. One that I hope will include Zardari, Musharraf, Hussain, and others held to account.

That the whole saga is entirely engineered, I cannot believe. Because there were so many choices the Sharifs themselves made along the way that led them here. They had so much opportunity to resolve the crises politically, but they chose to bring it to court. And it seems rather far-fetched to me that the military and the entire superior judiciary somehow hatched the entire plot from the Panama revelations to political campaigns to the Supreme Court hearings to the JIT findings to the conviction.

The establishment may have nudged it along, perhaps. That isn’t beyond possibility, certainly. But the Sharifs did the corruption. They did the money laundering, tax evasion, perjury. Not the army or the judges. And that’s what they have been convicted for. THEIR crimes. And it’s merely a conviction at this time. There’s been no punishment yet. More importantly, there’s been no reparations, no compensation. The billions they’ve looted, the trillions of damage they’ve caused, the decades lost. There’s nothing that can be done about those. Nothing.