Dear readers,

This exclusive portal is an effort to share the routine activities at a construction work site. It aims to share the information about the construction process and procedures so as to serve as a guide for the new people joining us in the construction industry. The information here will be presented in a manner to ensure that any business/trade/intellectual property involved is fully protected. Any use of the method or process provided here will completely be at your own risk in every regard including construction safety and structural integrity.

This portal will remain under continuous development and improvement of the content 1st published here so there can be any change or removal of any content here without any prior notice.

I will be glad to improve and add any new content here as and when you have any feedback on this regard. I welcome you all to share your own text under your authorship if you want to share your way of working out construction activities.

I hope you will enjoy reading and learning from here.


Yasir Cheema