Instrumentation & Monitoring

Construction activity especially when involved heavy machinery and deep excavations possess some serious threats to the adjacent buildings and civil infrastructure and habitats. In order to have a responsible development, it’s important to be considerate of our neighboring public and private properties. Instrumentations & Monitoring is mandated in Singapore to prevent any damage caused by a particular construction activity.

Depending on the nature of construction activity and adjacent properties, types of instrumentation and quantity of each may vary. However, by the time of this writing, I have interacted with following instruments only:

  • Inclinometers
  • Settlement Markers
  • Water Standpipe
  • Piezometer

As the instruments are installed and monitor to advance our precautionary measures, so there are certain values for each instrument set as Alert Level & Work Suspension level.

At Alert Level, the site shall look into the matter and revisit the risk assessment and take steps to ensure that subsequent monitoring results drop down from the Alert level. If the values continue rising to the Work Suspension level then work must immediately be stopped to prevent any damage to neighboring properties. Meanwhile, in in-house review shall be carried and activities shall be carried in a manner to ensure that instruments don’t reach to work suspension level.

Alert & work suspension levels for the above instruments are:

Instrument Alert Level Work Suspension Level
Ground Settlement Marker ± 20 mm ± 28 mm
Inclinometer ± 20 mm ± 28 mm
Water Standpipe 2m 3m
Piezometer ± 20 kPa ± 30 kPa

Below is one of the format to report the weekly results of the instruments to have continuous monitoring.